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get the skills you want from our family of tutorial and resource sites. Need more? We also offer a Plus program where you can access source files and bonus tutorials.

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Need more? We also offer a Plus program where you can access source files and bonus tutorials .From graphics to web development, audio to video and more.

  1. Home – From graphics to web development, audio to video and more
  2. Portfolio – From our family of tutorial and resource sites
  3. About – We also offer a Plus program where you can access source files and bonus tutorials
  4. Audio to video and more, get the skills
  5. This is an example of a static page
  6. some small punchline goes here
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Table 1: Apple Product specs
Product: iPhone 3GS iPad iPod Nano
Version 3rd Generation build 1st Generation build 27th Generation build
Multitouch Yes Yes No
Video Yes – doesnt play flash content Yes – doesnt play content Yes – does play any content
Release Date Nov. 2009 Mai. 2010 Jun. 2010
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