Currently no upcoming produktions; fine-tuning side projekts and relocating homebase. Bye Austin. Hello mysteries and machines that await in 2017.

Our base of operations began in the live musik capital Austin, Texas 2013, strategically books and promotes annual and periodic events equip with an assembly of artists, bands, DJs, performers, vendors, & talents, targeting the rivet in everyone’s head with an abundant supply of aggrotech/industrial/harsh ebm/electronic metal musik. We also offer tactical support, liaisons, and co-sponsorships as well as accept similar acts of comradely to reinforce alliances of alternative underground and compatible genres.

Our mission is to march forward, stomp outside of ordinary; welcoming everyone to reach a new depth and embrace the coming of a new kind.

Our status: Reformatting: restocking arsenal and scouting unique talent which has not only been identified and captured, but currently undergoing unique training, the assets will be deployed publicly along the premises and surrounding cities.

Twitter: @mgunproduktions
Instagram: @machinegunproduktions
Tumblr: @machinegunproduktions
Ello: @machinegunproduktions